Surface Design Fiber Stamping Workshop $110. + materials

batik stamping 2

Using your own custom made stamps will not only bring you the personal satisfaction of working with your own designs, it will also give your work a level of personal style that commercial stamps never could. Students will be exposed to a variety of traditional and unconventional ways to make their own stamps while focusing on hand carving. Time will also be spent discussing and experimenting with paints, inkpads and glue as students learn how to use their new tools!

$40 materials fee includes all stamping materials except cloth and enough paint to use in class.


  • Students should bring in a variety of tightly woven and/or smooth fabrics to practice stamping on.
  • An Exacto knife with a #A Blade
  • All purpose scissors
  • Fabric scissors
  • Ruler
  • Small pair of embroidery or craft scissors
Price: $150.00
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