Craft Needle Collection

Craft Needles Set 33

Fantastic set of 33 craft needles, including 7 different types, listed below, for the ultimate experience. Check out why each one is unique and useful!

  • Tapestry Size 16 – Blunt points with large eyes, used for plastic canvas and stitching knitted items.
  • Embroidery Sizes 3, 7 – fine needles with long eyes, used for embroidery, crewel, and smocking.
  • Darners, size 18 – long needles with large eyes and sharp points used for doll making and soft sculpture.
  • Between, size 7 – short needles used for hand quitting and detailed handwork.
  • Chenille, sizes 20, 22 – sharp point with large eyes, for crewel candlewicking.
  • Tapestry, sizes 18, 20, 22, 24 – Blunt points with large eyes, for counted cross stitch, tapestry, and needlepoint.
  • Beading, size 10 – Very Fine long needles for threading beads and pearls.
Price: $7.00
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