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Craft Needle Collection

Craft Needles Set 33Fantastic set of 33 craft needles, including 7 different types, listed below, for the ultimate experience. Check out why each one is unique and useful! Tapestry Size 16 - Blunt points with large eyes, used for plastic canvas and stitching knitted items. Embroidery Sizes 3, 7 - fine needles with long eyes, used for embroidery, crewel, and smocking. Darners, size 18 - long needles with large eyes and sharp points used for doll making and soft sculpture. Between, size 7 - short needles used for hand quitting and detailed handwork. Chenille, sizes 20, 22 - sharp point with large eyes, Sign Up For Class »
Price: $7.00

Big Eye Beading Needle

Big Eye Beading Needles4 pack of big eye beading needle used with hard to thread applications. Needles are semi-firm made of Stainless steel, and can take any size thread. The whole needle is the eye at 2.125 inches long, it can take up a lot of beads and make your work even faster.
Price: $2.00

Flexible Twisted Wire Beading Needles

Fexible Twisted Wire Banding Needles10 pack of flexible twisted wire beading needles used when a typical straight needle will no longer fit! The larger eye makes it easy to thread thicker threads, then it collapses down to fit through the beads. Comes in Medium and Fine sizes.

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