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Soft Soldering (Class) $60.00 + materials

SOF SOLDERINGUsing a heating element and solder, we will learn how to enclose images between glass to create pendants and other jewelry.  You are welcome to bring your own little (1" x1" or smaller) images to create highly personalized pieces!
Price: $60.00

Wire Rings Made Easy (Class)

wire ringsYou'll have fun learning about wire and how to wrap and twist it, using simple techniques, into finished rings.
Price: $50.00

Earwires: Your Way (Class) - $40 + $10 material fee

earwires your wayLearn how easy it can be to fashion your own ear wires. And truly make your creations uniquely your own. We will practice new skills with craft wire and then perfect two pairs with sterling material.  
Price: $50.00

Patina Puzzle-ring Necklace (Class) - $60 + $10 material fee

patina ring necklaceTogether we will explore many options for redefining metal rings, including hammering, texturing and making our own. We will work with and learn about various types of materials, and how they respond to opaque ink patinas. Transforming our rings into jewelry will be fun. You can choose your necklace style, bib-style or long.
Price: $70.00

Woven Frame (Class) 3 hours - 60.00 + 10.00 materials

WovenWorking with various gauges of wire, we will create a coil frame and then weave with wire and your choice from a collection of beads to create work you will then transform into a piece of jewelry. Your creation can become a pendant, pin or even an earring! You may chose from silver, gold or copper color materials.

Sparkling Abacus Necklace

abacusYou will design a stunning pendant, starting with the coiled creation of a coiled frame, and then adding wire and beads.  We will practice with craft wire, and then move on to sterling materials to create our pendant. In this class, you will learn how to coil and wrap wire, as well as how to attach a clasp. Material costs are $25 for sterling or $15 for copper or brass. Weds., 1/22, 10-noon

Coiled Cuff Bracelet (Class)

coiled cuff braceletHammering, coiling, twirling . . .  before you know it, a coiled cuff will appear.  You will acquire new skills using a few fun new tools to complete your creation. Material costs are $5.00 for base metals or $20.00 for sterling.   Thurs., 11/8, 10-noon

Wire Wrapped Pendants (Class) - 1 session - $40 + Materials

wire wrapped stone & seaglassBring your favorite stones, sea glass or othr baubles to class where we will use a variety of methods and materials to wire wrap them.  (Don't fear.. if you don't have any, there are plenty to choose from at the store).  From simple to ornate.. craft wire to silver.  You'll have a chance to use your imagination and creativity and end the class with wearable art! Skill level:  intermediate Price includes a $20 materials fee for sterling silver or $25 for gold-filled wire.

Woven Chain Bracelet Class ($40 + $10 Materials)

chain braceletCreate the look of chain maille, with this new technique which appeals to both men and women of all ages. These contemporary pieces are constructed with chain, and leather or rubber, you choose the color!
Price: $50.00
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