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Recycled Wool Blanket Workshop

Bring in your discarded, washeed and dried "felted" garments, and leave with a blanket! This will be lots of fun, swapping our cut squares with each other.  In the first class, we will cut and swap squares and layout our designs.  In the second class, we will bind our squares together and complete our amazing projects with a dazzling array of Bead + Fiber fibers.

Dream Catcher (class) $40 + $10 materials

dreamcatacherIn this fun class, Abel Costa, a Boston and Brooklyn based artist exploring Cognitive Science, performing arts, and design, will guide your creative exploration. You may have seen and coveted Abel's creations adorning the windows of Bead + Fiber. Abel, a practitioner of the healing arts,who incorporates mindfulness and theta healing into his artistic process, and enjoys making dream catchers, will inspire you with the locally sourced materials with which you will create an 8 inch dream catcher of your own

Progressive Wrap Bracelet (Class) $40.00 + Materials

progressive wrap braceletBuilding upon traditional braiding techniques, using contemporary colors and materials, you will create these most desirable and fashionable wrap bracelets. You get to chose the colors and beads, and have the fun!

Tassels 101 (Class)

tasselsLearn the basics of this traditional lost art, incorporating conventional and unconventional materials. We will explore with fibers, chains, beads and metal adornments to create unique endings.  
Price: $60.00

Surface Design Fiber Stamping Workshop $110. + materials

batik stamping 2Using your own custom made stamps will not only bring you the personal satisfaction of working with your own designs, it will also give your work a level of personal style that commercial stamps never could. Students will be exposed to a variety of traditional and unconventional ways to make their own stamps while focusing on hand carving. Time will also be spent discussing and experimenting with paints, inkpads and glue as students learn how to use their new tools! $40 materials fee includes all stamping materials except cloth and enough paint to use in class.   Students should bring Sign Up For Class »
Price: $150.00

Batik Workshop $140 & $30 Materials

Batik_Sample_2If you’ve always wanted to try batik but were afraid and overwhelmed, this is the class for you. Soy wax, which was originally developed to make candles, makes the job of batiking much easier. There are no unhealthy fumes to worry about exhausting. The melting point of soy wax is much cooler than traditional batik wax, so the risk of fire is very small. Also, soy wax is water-soluble! So removing the wax from your cloth is as easy as ironing and washing it out in your own sink or washing machine. And because we won’t be using dyes there Sign Up For Class »
Price: $170.00

Learn to Crochet Class 1 session $40 + materials

learn to crochetSkill Level: Beginner Get introduced to the wonderful world of crochet! This class will cover making chain, slip stitch, single crochet and double crochet stitches. Come discover how you can make items ranging from simple scarves to intricate shawls with just these simple stitches.

Nuno Felt Scarf (class) $95 + $30 materials fee; Skill Level - Beginner thru Advanced

FELT NUNO SCARF latest-web    Create a one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art as you learn the basics of the felt- making process. bring your favorite wool-blend or silk yarns or other bits of silk fabrics to build texture and create surface design. Learn how to make well-finished quality material, exploit the painterly aspect of this ancient technique and play with color.  Class kits include wool fiber and hand-dyed silks. Class fee: $95; Kit fee: $30 Students should bring two old towels, a clean plastic bag to take home finished work/wet towels and comfy shoes. A waterproof apron or a change of shirt is Sign Up For Class »

Weaving: Weave a scarf or table runner Class: $90 + $30 Materials Fee. Skill Level: Beginners to Advanced

weave a scarf or table runnerThis two day workshop teaches the beginning weave the basics of weaving.  The loom will be all ready for you when you come to the first class.  You'll learn the basics of the loom and how to weave those beautiful scarves that are so popular these days.   Let us know the colors your like, and we'll have the loom ready for your first session. At the end of the first session, you'll take the loom home with you to finish the project.   The second session will focus on taking your woven piece off of the loom and finishing Sign Up For Class »
Price: $120.00

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