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Knit Fingerless Mittens (Intermediate class) $40 + materials

Choose from our fabulous collection of fibers to keep your hands warm this winter!The only requirement is that you must know how to knit.  With our expertise to guide you, you will be surprised by how easy, and how much fun, it is to create these essential garments.

Recycled Wool Blanket Workshop

Bring in your discarded, washeed and dried "felted" garments, and leave with a blanket! This will be lots of fun, swapping our cut squares with each other.  In the first class, we will cut and swap squares and layout our designs.  In the second class, we will bind our squares together and complete our amazing projects with a dazzling array of Bead + Fiber fibers.

Selling Your Jewelry: How to Get Started (Workshop)

A/K/A - i LOVE making jewelry; but now I need to know how to sell it!  How do I begin this daunting process? With friends? Co-waorkers? At shows? This workshop will cover the basics from accepting payment, applying to shows, presentation and displays, sales, customer service, and much more. Everything we wish we had been told before we started!
Price: $40.00
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Stamp Making for Textiles (Class)

stamping on textiles class 3_samples_fat_quartersUsing your own custom made stamps will not only bring you the personal satisfaction of working with your own designs, it will also give your work a level of personal style that commercial stamps never could. Students will be exposed to a variety of traditional and unconventional ways to make their own stamps while focusing on hand carving. Time will also be spent discussing and experimenting with paints, inkpads and glue as students learn how to use their new tools!  $40 materials fee includes all stamping materials except cloth and enough paint to use in class.  Students should bring in Sign Up For Class »
Price: $50.00

Peyote Kite Earrings (class) $60 includes materials

peyote kite earringsWhether you are familiar with the peyote stitch or not, join us to learn this exciting variation. We will explore what you may chose to do to design your kites, including patterns, and once you have completed your kites, including folding and zipping them up to create 3d triangles, creating a 3d star, or using them as is to incorporate into your other work. In this class we expect you will complete 2 kites to create a pair of earrings.

Amulet Tassel Necklace (class) $40 + $10 materials

amulet taseel necklaceAmulet: an ornament or small piece of jewelry thought to give protection against evil, danger, or disease. Together with braided leather and charms, beads, symbols and other pieces of your chosing, we will create your Amulet necklace. In this class you will learn how to braid leather, how to create a clasp with leather and a bead, and how to wrap and whip to complete this type of necklace which has been created not only by Native American Indians but by ethnic groups throughout time.  

Dream Catcher (class) $40 + $10 materials

dreamcatacherIn this fun class, Abel Costa, a Boston and Brooklyn based artist exploring Cognitive Science, performing arts, and design, will guide your creative exploration. You may have seen and coveted Abel's creations adorning the windows of Bead + Fiber. Abel, a practitioner of the healing arts,who incorporates mindfulness and theta healing into his artistic process, and enjoys making dream catchers, will inspire you with the locally sourced materials with which you will create an 8 inch dream catcher of your own

UFOs - Unfinished Knit Objects Drop-In Fee - $10

If you purchase $20 or more in yarn, your drop in fee will be waived.  Come on in and finish up those UnFinished Objects!
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