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Shamballa Bracelet (Class) $40. plus materials

shamballaIn this class you will create the fashion rage bracelet.  Traditionally,this hand-woven and knotted piece aided with meditation.  With the addition of your contemporary styling, you will leave with a great-looking creation.
Price: $40.00

Bead Weaving on a Loom (Class)

bead weaving on a loomDon't be intimidated by the title or the technique! Together, we will demystify this traditional technique using exciting new bead shapes and colors, including cubes and triangles tocreate an amazing bracelet. We will also explore approaches for finishing our piece using various clasps and buttons.

Something Knotty (Class)

Using a variety of materials, including leather, rubber and braided cords, you will learn a variety of functional and aesthetic knotting and whipping techniques to incorporate into your creations. In the class, you will complete at least one bracelet using your newly-learned skills.  
Price: $54.00

Charming (class)

Price: $64.00

Peyote Rings (Class)

peyote warringsYou will learn to make these cute and comfortable rings using the peyote stitch. A tried and true staple of beadwork. Once you master this technique you will be able to expand your repetoire to create bracelets.

Patina Ring Necklace (Class) - 2 hours $40.00 + $10.00 materials

patina Ring necklace photoDid you know there are new patinas available that are easy to work with, and not smelly (for those of you who have ever used liver of sulfur!) They even come in an amazing palette of colors to chose from. These patinas are easily applied to all types of materials, porous or not, including wood, acrylic,metal and clay. In this class we will explore the possibilities, working with a variety of shapes and materials with which we will craft a necklace, uniquely your own!
Price: $50.00

Constellation Necklace (Class)

constelltion necklaceFloating stars is what we see when we look at this necklace. You will learn our technique for creating your own solar system, comprised of pearls, crystal and glass beads. In this class you will chose your colors and complete your necklace from our selection of amazing beads.
Price: $60.00

"Onesie" Earring Necklace (Class)

onesieGather up your 'onesie" earrings, and your other assorted charms and small pendants, (you know, the ones collecting dust in your jewelry box) to create a fashionable, contemporary necklace filled with meaning and memories using your choice of chain from our collection of sterling and other materials. In this class, you'll learn not only about design, but how to attach your pieces using jump rings and to finish  your necklace with the perfect clasp.  You may use base metal or precious metal; the material cost will vary accordingly.   Sat., 11/3, 2-4 PM

Twirling Swirl Earrings (class)

Twieling earringsWire, crystal, pearls and a few twists and turns. You will learn this fun wrapping technique with which you can then whip up these elegant earrings in a flash.You get to chose from our selection of wire colors and beads, and will complete at least one pair of earrings in this class.You will be amazed at how quickly you master this new skill which also works very well for making pendants.   Material cost is $10.00  
Price: $60.00
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