Batik Workshop $140 & $30 Materials


If you’ve always wanted to try batik but were afraid and overwhelmed, this is the class for you. Soy wax, which was originally developed to make candles, makes the job of batiking much easier. There are no unhealthy fumes to worry about exhausting. The melting point of soy wax is much cooler than traditional batik wax, so the risk of fire is very small. Also, soy wax is water-soluble! So removing the wax from your cloth is as easy as ironing and washing it out in your own sink or washing machine. And because we won’t be using dyes there will not be a need to steam or batch. The paint will heat set when you are ironing out the wax. What’s not to love?


 $30 materials fee includes enough soy wax, tools and paint to use in class.


 Supplies students should bring from home:


  • Approx. 4-6 yards of light to medium weight white cotton, rayon and/or silk fabric
  • Approx. 6-12 foam brushes in various sizes. (Please mark the handles with your name prior to class)
  • Several small inexpensive watercolor brushes (Please mark the handles with your name prior to class)
  • A bar of soap in a plastic travel container (Ivory is preferred)
  • One roll of blue painter’s tape
  • Pencil and paper (ordinary copy paper is fine)






Digital camera

Sketch pad

Price: $170.00
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